i have read…

…and read some more in the past 2 weeks. five good sized books to be exact and i don’t ever run across fiction that bring up really strong emotions. and never, ever, does… Continue reading

wrestling a ten ton steer…

also known as managing my career. well i just jumped behind the wheel of destiny and drove suddenly realizing that no one had been steering for quite some time (at least as far… Continue reading

you need a dose every now and then…

…my favorite flight of the conchords song.

the joys of white denim!…

i have been blown away by this band out of austin, texas! they are called “white denim” and it has to been the freshest sound i’ve heard in SUCH a long time. they… Continue reading

oh, my aching years

i just got in from a night of carousing with an old friend. it even sounds odd saying shit like that especially since it’s just past nine o’clock. i’ve been deep in my… Continue reading

what fresh hell indeed!

so, i started a new book, a biography of dorothy parker by marion meade. i don’t know her short stories and poems as much as i know her quips and from those it… Continue reading


“housework slows me down so i can connect with family.”

the three day thriller (or, another 20 years).

it’s not often that i have an action packed weekend. some peeps i know have their dance cards filled continuously. we all know them. people who’s phones are ringing every 15 minutes during… Continue reading


i’ve got to hand it to jessica and intern george, this is the funniest site yet! a guilty pleasure to be sure and just when i think i’ve seen it all, they give… Continue reading

just because you can, doesn’t mean you should!

so i was hanging out with a co-worker today. you know that special co-worker that you gravitate towards when you just want to poke your head above the workload. she’s got the kind… Continue reading

looking to be inspired?

i was doing a little search and randomly came across this website full of crazy cool art by mojca dolinar. what got me right off the bat, was the diverse range of styles… Continue reading

guitar hero 3: legends of rock (or teaching an old dog new tricks)

okay, i cannot even begin to explain my addiction to guitar hero. when i first picked up my pint sized gibson and whaled with my whammy, something told me that all of that… Continue reading

pic of the day…

…the beautiful people of tumbao de malevo. for more pics from brazil and argentina, go here.

the calling…

a friend of mine called me last night to talk about the shoot he had worked on that day. he worked with some seasoned veterans who took him under their wing, so to… Continue reading

perils of love….

a sweet french animated short.