adventures in ancestry (part 2)

so it’s mother’s day weekend and the dna test packet arrived two weeks ago. it will take us six weeks to get the results but i’m going to wrap it up and give… Continue reading

adventures in ancestry (part 1)

so yesterday i took the plunge and bought what i thought to be the most significant mother’s day present ever. strangely enough, it wasn’t anything physical/tangible but i think that despite the hefty… Continue reading

if books are mirrors…

…that reflect the reader, then here is my present face. two books that i devoured in the space of a weekend but which couldn’t be more different from each other. “little bee” is… Continue reading

in remembrance of sarah wright…

today i found out my godmother passed away. the last time i saw her she didn’t even know who i was. her immediate family had thrown a huge birthday party in her honor… Continue reading

illustrations are flowin….

…for the first time in quite a while! with my work responsibilities i don’t often have time do hands on work. most of the time i’m pulling trend and directing others. but i… Continue reading

health care reform

despite what anyone’s opinion may be on health care reform, it’s impossible to ignore the thousands of stories of americans who have suffered under the current state of our health care system. for… Continue reading

henrietta lacks

i just found this incredible book on henrietta lacks written by rebecca skloot, “the immortal life of henrietta lacks.” those who are familiar with the scientific advances in biology, will know of her… Continue reading

would you like a clean cup?

hands down, my favorite! saw it at the disney consumer products office today. (my old home, sigh) debbie and her team did a fantastic job wrangling this collaboration with tom binns!

Baby, i’m back!

Wow! It’s been a long time since i’ve posted but so much has kept me busy. Lot’s of change and adaptations to make. Twitter has taken a huge chunk of my writing time… Continue reading

hot damn!…

…kudos to mary louise parker! how old is this woman?!! there were numerous actresses aging themselves in inappropriate disasters yet she manages to look youthful and fresh in this beautiful little zac posen… Continue reading

pretty, pretty, things…

oh mars and valentine can’t stop tempting me with their sparkling trinkets and baubles! i find myself drooling over their selection of statement rings each one unique and inspired by antique findings. the… Continue reading

i’ve been a bad blogger…

…but in my defense, i’ve been traveling continually since the end of july. first to vancouver where this majestic creature displayed his feathers for me. there’s no zoom on that shot as we… Continue reading

i told myself i wouldn’t do this…

…but i can’t help it! there are so many fantastic blogs dedicated to print! i just get sucked in and simply can’t tear myself away. i decided to post a few of my… Continue reading

the indifferent stars above…

…as a kid growing up and shuffling through various public schools, i was exposed to the same urban myths and lurid stories that appealed to the morbidity of thirteen year olds. bloody mary,… Continue reading

i need a new toy…

…and i found it! i just took the plunge and spontaneously purchased the kindle 2.0 from amazon and it has to be the best thing i’ve done for myself in so long. forget… Continue reading