guitar hero 3: legends of rock (or teaching an old dog new tricks)

okay, i cannot even begin to explain my addiction to guitar hero. when i first picked up my pint sized gibson and whaled with my whammy, something told me that all of that “stage presence” that everyone has given me so much lip about, was about to find it’s ultimate outlet. who knew that within a matter of weeks, i’d have three bands, several “guitars” in my collection (any hope they’ll come out with a flying v?) and i’d be kickin’ kids’ asses at toy r us? that’s right, kickin’-their-asses! now for “old folks” like me, i’m assuming that kids are kind of pre-wired for video games. i watch my sqeeze play “call of duty” online and he get’s creamed every time by some little wily ten year old who spends too much of his free time dialed in.

so i’m standing in trs picking up a new guitar and faceplate and i want to show my mom what the big deal is with gh3. i’m actually on a streak with no missed notes through my all time favorite “holiday in cambodia” by the dead kennedys and my mom is watching me with amusement like i’ve lost my freakin’ mind. (she may also be slightly embarrassed by watching her nearly 40 year old daughter play with toys.) anyway, some little guppy comes after me and i’m prepared to be put to shame when suddenly, much to my surprise, i hear this kid clunkin’ his way through the cords amidst the boos and hisses of the vg soundtrack! now i’m all about small victories and i’m ashamed to say that this was no exception. so there i am an inch taller and suddenly my mum perks up a bit. we get to the counter to pay up and she makes a quip to the effect that the cashier probably doesn’t have too many adults buying this stuff for themselves. he says quite nonchalantly that not only does he have gh3 but also garage band. take that!