wrestling a ten ton steer…

also known as managing my career. well i just jumped behind the wheel of destiny and drove suddenly realizing that no one had been steering for quite some time (at least as far as my career is concerned). or perhaps other people had been steering but not in the direction i wanted to go. thanks to a very wise co-worker i’ve made some gains in a situation in which i’d been stuck simply by reaching out. that simple gesture calmed me and brings the picture back into focus and i feel stunned that i hadn’t been doing it all along.

this isn’t news to me. i get the big picture but i get caught up in the day to day process and forget to be mindful of what counts. i’ve always thought that a certain degree of professionalism and hierarchies were to be expected and in most cases that’s true but it encourages distance. there are times that call for a little less formality if you expect to get anywhere. i’ve joined a new team at work and will be facing new opportunities and challenges which thankfully are far more creative than they have been and i’ve just extended an offer of lunch to our senior vice president. we’ve been friendly before, convivial until i allowed myself to get bogged down under the weight of my job (not a hard thing to do).

i’ll be blunt. she is key to my having a successful career as my wise co-worker pointed that out. i keep forgetting about the relationship factor yet noting how they seem to change so often among some. yet, i never like the idea of building hollow connections loathing the idea of being a climber. i’m hoping that this can take root and be based on mutual admiration and shared ideas.

and as today is a new day and i serve a new god, i’m going to try shaping that god myself with some new tools.