I am SO excited to be able to share this song from my corner of the internet! Todd and Troy Garner are two amazingly, talented musicians with whom I was fortunate enough to attend arts high school. The Garner twins grew up steeped in musical tradition thanks to their father, recording artist Emmet Garner Jr. who exposed them at an early age to such greats as Curtis Mayfield, Bill Withers, James Brown, Earth Wind & Fire and many others.  Unfortunately a bitter divorce removed their father from their lives but the influence was already imprinted on them both. Their story of personal and musical growth despite adversarial circumstances lends itself to the power behind their music.

Having performed backup with Lenny Kravitz and The Zak Waters Band, they are currently in the studio with their band The Seventh Hour working on new material and have uploaded their single “Complicated” which you can listen to and share with your friends via Amplifier. The goal is 400 amplifications but I’m hoping we can take it much further than that so to share, please do so from Amplifier so they get the votes. Currently rocking out to their debut album while I work, I’m looking forward to future shows and a new release. If you like what you hear, you can purchase their album via iTunes and support your local talent. Thanks and enjoy!