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Candles about 600

Getting back on the blog hasn’t been without difficulties. During a ridiculously busy summer packed with a tsunami of freelance and fun, something was bound to suffer and that something was my blog. I have to admit, the guilt was palpable as I peeped ever aging posts that glared back at me while I worked, days flying by. I thought about giving my blog up but I really enjoy having a place to celebrate what inspires me.

Then one day I was contacted by a friend I made while traveling through Australia last year. Sue Liu is a Sydney-sider with a consulting business focused on helping non-profit organizations and in 2008, she founded Candles for Community. The beautifully, handcrafted candles are made of eco smart soy and are deliciously scented including orange, lemongrass, vanilla and yuzu citrus.  What makes these candles extra special, is that the project donates 50% of it’s profits to worthy programs like Sunrise Children’s Village of Cambodia which care for orphaned, abandoned and disadvantaged children.


Sue has been a supporter, fundraiser and advocate for Sunrise since meeting and becoming friends with Sunrise founder Geraldine Cox in 2006. Sue frequently travels to Cambodia to visit her two sponsor children, and has dozens more kids who call her ‘mum’ as well. Geraldine and Sunrise currently care for over 400 children across three centers in Cambodia.

“It’s so rewarding for me to make these gifts for my customers as I know the feelings of satisfaction, appreciation and love that come with each and every act of giving. Buying a gift from Candles for Community shows real heart and the customer is giving twice – once to their chosen recipient and again because they are helping me to support my large tribe of children in Cambodia,” she said.

Her hard work has done much to support Sri Lankan, Cambodian and African communities and, having had much success, Sue is now expanding her offerings to include art cards from designers like me!

JD collection


I am honored to be included in her line up and to be associated with such an amazing cause. I’m looking forward to introducing my images to the Australian market and knowing that when they sell, there is someone else who will also benefit by it. Knowing how much hard work and love Sue has put into all of her endeavors, I consider myself pretty inspired!

Check the links for more information regarding Sue and Candles for Community and celebrate Christmas with spice and soul!


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