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You Say Hello And I Say Goodbye

Sad to say, this will be my last post regarding London as I’ve finally made my way back to the states. I’ve got to give it up to the people of the UK… Continue reading

Let’s Get Visual!

“Imagination is the mother of originality,we encourage imagination in every way possible.” Harry Gordon Selfridge I am a HUGE fan of visual merchandising! One of the things I loved about our seasonal roll… Continue reading

fast forward future fashion…

…with 3d printing. image, courtesy of iris van herpen 3d printing is quickly becoming the ish in fashion technology and i’ve been trying to wrap my ahead around what this means in terms… Continue reading

lovely and alluring…

…the barefoot contessa boutique awakens the inner goddess in all of us. the ladies of contessa know their client and celebrate femininity with a palette of soft creamy beige and toast, blushed pinks… Continue reading

farming in rio…

…is not quite what this post is about! rather it’s about another retail experience at farm in ipanema. farm is an atelier in the zona sul specializing in modern clothing in vibrant prints… Continue reading