Adventures in Brewing.


When I was a little girl, my dad was always brewing or fermenting something; beer, wine, champagne, etc. Thanks to him, I got a pretty refined palate for the varietals and a penchant for a really good beer. Last year, I finally got into making my own (with his help of course) and Dunbar and Daughter was born!

This was my first peaches and cream hefeweizen and it’s finally finished just in time for summer. The extra added fun is in naming the batch and creating labels for it. Being able to add a professional finish to our brews makes me a hero in my dad’s eyes. It’s like I walk on water every time I add another component like coasters or personalized bottle caps and thanks to the internet and digital printing, this kind of one off customization is in everyone’s hands. A big shout out to Grog Tag who’s labels went above and beyond my expectations!

We are hosting a tasting party soon so I’ll raise a toast to you and let you know how it goes. Oh, and check us out on Facebook to see shots/clips of the brewing process!: Facebook/DunbarandDaughter





All photography ©Janene Dunbar