Hello, Marrakech!

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A trip to Morocco is the ultimate pilgrimage for surface designers and I was so fortunate to be able to work in a four day trip to Marrakesh during some down time! The brilliant color and layers of print provide so much inspiration and sustenance for the soul and I was humbled by the beauty and talent of a country brimming with artists.

Slightly chaotic, stepping into a new cultural experience shakes me out of the day to day repetition and sharpens my senses. The deftly woven rugs; the intricately inlaid patterns of camel bone, glass and tile; the tinkle and chime of Berber silver jewelry all turn my head in circles and I am hooked!

Following careful research and advice, I split the time between the old walled medina for the first half of the trip and a quiet respite in the countryside for the second and shall do the same for the posts. Of course I didn’t get to “do it all” but I was happy enough to get an infusion of North African flavor and am awed by the history of this ancient city. In particular, I’d like to thank the lovely people of Riad Khol who were so helpful during my stay, merci and shokran!

Hope you enjoy the images and please be sure to come back for part two!


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