Portobello Crawl…

Photo Jan 27, 10 49 52 AM

Just a few highlights from my lengthy stroll down Portobello Road this past Saturday. Assaulted as usual with the overwhelming spread of antiques, jewelry and inexpensive fashion, but also present was plenty of good food, a couple of sweet finds and a pint or two for sustenance!

Photo Jan 27, 10 25 45 AM
Vintage shops like “One of a Kind” turned up scores like this amazing military inspired, leather coat by D-Squared at £1200. Remember Moon Boots? £60 at “Goldmine Vintage.”

Photo Jan 27, 10 08 10 AM

Pili & Mili is a sugary boutique which caters to the girly girly with sweet, frilly frocks of lace, swiss dotted tulle and the obligatory fluffy sweaters all in shades of blush, cream, soft pink, aqua, canary and black.

Photo Jan 27, 11 06 30 AM

Of course there’s also twee little novelty goodies like these which are strangely compelling in their weirdness. Great applique idea for little girls but maybe not so much for the grown woman whom it was intended!

Photo Jan 27, 11 03 07 AM

How cute are these kids prints and graphics?

Photo Jan 27, 10 06 00 AMPhoto Jan 27, 10 17 26 AM

Speaking of prints, there was a lot of eye candy, texture and tactile accents to add depth and interest to any space.

Photo Jan 27, 10 30 07 AM

And the food…

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