…time to sit back and unwind.

ha!  i wish i could say that was the case but i have been so busy with freelance projects and family graduations that i’ve barely had time to hit the gym let alone anything else.  most of all, i’ve missed not only writing on my blog but also reading postings from my fellow wordpress bloggers.  rest assured, i have the weekly emails and am eager to catch up on what everyone is doing!

i’m excited about the work i’ve been getting!  the licensing show is coming up next week and i’ve literally been holed up working on really fun programs.  i love working on pitches simply because it is THE best opportunity for pushing creativity and coming up with new program ideas for intellectual properties.  it can start with something as simple as a product logo and can turn into an expansive program with a wide array of product.  sadly though, my own work is on the back burner but i’m sure that will change when the show is over and things slow a bit.

in the meantime, spoonflower is making changes to their color profile which is intended to help in attaining a much better range of colors and ensuring color accuracy.  this is both good and bad as getting better gradients and deeper cool tones is always a plus but that also means that previous designs may have to be recolored and re-swatched to prevent color shifts.  after much tweaking of the print for my grandmother’s chair, i’ve finally got it where i want it.  so if i want to make the grace period before they transition, i need to act now and place the order!

gram’s print is on the left. the second is an eames inspired print.

so as much as i have been going on about work, there was time for a day of play last sunday as i gathered with my wonderful neighbors for a trip to malibu wines!  tucked up in the malibu hills on lush grounds with a view, you can picnic and sun yourself while sampling the vineyards own stock. getting there early is crucial as it tends to get crowded! luckily for us, we found a beautiful spot on the upper terrace which gave us a gorgeous view and more privacy while still being able to enjoy the live music.

image courtesy of malibu wines.

and of course, it helps having such amazing neighbors!  so here’s a virtual toast to you and all of the summer fun to come.  i’m looking forward to getting back on track, relaxing and letting my hair down a bit!

dress, riller & fount; conch ring, alkemie; vintage ring, mars & valentine; bangle, isharya