creative wall coverings…

…for commitment-phobes!

a new wall covering system by dutch company, ixxi, has me swooning over the possibilities of changing up my environment!  whether you’re a hands on creative or just in love with your instagram collection, you’ll find yourself moving into the realm of designer with this simple system.  tapping into your creativity, you can submit your own collection of images for a custom set or you can choose from their image bank to create enlargements, pixelated art or collages.

they will help you through the process of resolution, uploading the artwork and placing your order.  what you get is a collection of 20 x 20 cm cards printed with your selected work, ready to be connected using their included x’s and l’s.  that’s it.  without lifting a paint brush, you can perk up the boring wall of your rental residence or hang them as a lightweight room divider!

ixxi cards are synthetic matte paper which is waterproof, tear proof and uv resistant ensuring that your masterpiece has longevity and can be taken down and re-hung on whim.

pricing is reasonable and depends on the size and number of cards needed.  for instance, a collection of 50 cards at 20 x 20 cm (roughly 8 x 8 in.)  is €78,75 or $103.  photo documenting a wedding, birthday or other fun event and gifting these to a friend, loved one, etc. is such a unique and special way to commemorate time spent together!

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images courtesy of ixxi.