new turkish vines colorways…

…now available on etsy!

i’ve been very productive this past week and am uploading additional product in new colorways to my etsy shop!  these two pillows are in the island color combo.  they’re also available in spice, acid and versailles.

i’ve also been working furiously on new prints and i can’t wait to get my hot little hands on the proof so i can get to work on new product!  you can catch a sneak preview below.  i’ll also be adding travel bags and envelope clutches to the mix soon so please check back!

india floral in rouge bloom

rosetta in liberty

i’m so excited about these, especially the rosetta print because it is so indicative of my childhood!  i distinctly remember having a dress in this colorway although not the print.  it’s like seeing a certain color combo unlocks all of these memories and suddenly i’m reminded of how deeply your past influences everything you do.  i am determined to make myself a shirt dress with the rosetta fabric in the liberty colorway.  i may need a little help but i’ve got to have it!