dring, dring…

…goes the bell!

i love how something so mundane gets elevated to art status!  the picture above is evidence of a clever little product line with a happy onomatopoeia to go with it.  dring dring is a montreal based studio that produces hand painted bicycle bells.  each one is based coated and painted with eco-friendly paints and then baked to make them weather and water resistant.  founded by annie legroulx in 2005, their socially conscious policy allows them to provide work to the city’s youth through a local outreach program.

the results are beautiful bells painted to look like flowers, animals, candy and even doughnuts!  lucky new york even has a limited edition collection of bells to seduce their growing population of bike riders:

well, being in the car centric city of los angeles, i think we’re a long way away from getting a collection of our own.  such a shame… but for those of us who do bike and want to stand out from the pack, you can rest easy knowing you can acquire one of these babies by clicking here.  oh, and i wasn’t kidding when i said “art status” because you can also get the limited “green” edition from new york’s new museum store.