what to do when hell freezes over…

…first, don’t panic!  i know i said i’d never, EVER go on facebook!  i did get a lot of “omg’s” and virtual eye rubbing from a lot of you who have heard me repeat it over and over again.

well, having an online business puts the kabosh on that philosophy and the only way i feel i can control my facebook content, is to link it to social networking tools that i already use.  my intent isn’t to inform you of what i had for breakfast or bore you with photos of my last vacation, instead i prefer to use it to promote the other forums where i express myself creatively and in turn, promote other people, their businesses, creativity, hopes, dreams, etc.

i know some wonderfully creative people like Bexsong who’s recently returned to etsy with her beautiful bangles, to newcomer  Georgia J. who’s fledgling day wear line has launched.  so thanks to everyone for the warm welcome and the interest in cartoon boyfriend and more creative projects to come!