niagara falls…

…in the palm of my hand!

i love surprises and my partner was sweet enough to grace me with this tiny vintage lighter pendant commemorating a tourist trip through niagara falls. i’ve seen mini lighters before but nothing this detailed. i’ve done a bit of research but can find nothing on the company. i did find one other on ebay but the listing ended the day after i got mine. i know it’s made in japan so i’m guessing pre-war but no later than the 50’s. one side says ‘prspect point’ (their misspelling) and the other side features rainbow bridge:

i love that the enamel is slightly inlaid, the salmon colored sky and gold tinged ivory clouds. the look is very arts and crafts movement and reminds me of some of the beautiful colors used in ephraim pottery and maxfield parrish paintings. think tiffany shades and greene and greene bungalows but the best thing about this little lighter is the fact that it still works: