pyrrha’s one year anniversary…

…was a welcome treat!

i talked about pyrrha’s heritage inspired jewelry collection while spending time in vancouver. i’ve been shopping the line for a talisman since then and when you get the creative gist of the collection, you’ll understand why it took so long. vancouver based husband and wife design duo, wade papin and danielle wilmore have crafted pyrrha to be a very personal experience. each piece is based on old european family crests, seals and themes that come with a historical interpretation. when choosing, you’re not just selecting a bit of jewelry but a talisman, an adopted creed.

"fidelity in absense" a contender for my heart. pic courtesy of pyrrha

they opened their flagship store on west 3rd street a year ago today and celebrated with a little soiree for collectors while donating a healthy 25% of the sales to the aspca. that’s like your best friend’s kid selling fundraising candy, of course you buy something!

my girls, joce!...

...and michelle!

sake and sushi make for a helluva drug and of course i followed my own advice! i thought i was destined to the fidelity talisman above but my life has changed so much that a fresher head prevailed with “vota, vita mea” meaning my life is a prayer.

so i’m looking at this talisman as a point of contemplation, something to measure my actions by over the next few years….strangely, i feel calm! 😉

visit their space or check them out online:

8315 West 3rd Street
Los Angeles, CA 90048
323 424 4807