the wonderful world of…

yann legendre has just come to cb2! it was over my morning coffee that i decided to wade through the pile of catalogs on the dining table and cb2 was the first to catch my eye. featuring a sister with a rather large afro on a rooftop set with cb2 lounge fittings, i couldn’t help raising an eyebrow and a smile as i leafed through the pages. what came next were beautiful glossy photos of legendre’s work scattered amongst the sets.

big fluffy duvets pressed with the above image promise vivid dreams as you fall down the nocturnal rabbit hole. free form absurdity flows in organic blobs and curves providing a roadmap for the constantly roving eye.

being that i already posses a duvet cover that i’m more than satisfied with, i wondered how i too could snag a piece of the pie and the answer came in the form of these great limited edition autographed posters:

cb2 being one thing, a visit to legendre’s website brings quite another and you will continue your fall with images like these:

there is something about the old school editorial feel of the work reminiscent of the 60’s and 70’s underground art movement. it’s like a collision between r. crumb and pushpin studios and i’m definitely feeling his work.

robert crumb for creem magazine

seymour chwast, pushpin graphics

do check out cb2 for further housewares featuring legendre’s work, but for that added impact and other opportunities to purchase, visit his website. i’ve also included links to pushpin graphics and r. crumb if you’d like to further explore and learn more about the history of the genre.