…how did i live life without it? i love this app! i recently read an article on sleep and how technology before bedtime (specifically interactive: twitter, email, blogs!) tends to keep us awake with stimulation. sleep and meditation apps were recommended and having chronic sleeping issues myself, i went online and found naturespace: holographic audio. what sets them apart from the rest is the way the audio has been engineered and optimized for earbuds which provides a deeply immersing experience. it comes preloaded with a nice selection of tracks for morning, afternoon, and evening including soft rain, waves, trickling streams, twittering birds, raucous crows etc.

best off, there is a naturespace store which allows you to choose specific selections based on interests. i love anything involving the sound of rain (as opposed to the actual substance itself) and purchased two new thunderstorm tracks which i love. priced higher than music tracks at $2.99 but cheaper than a day spa and able to transform mundane tasks (like work) into a meditative moment, they’re worth it! one of them is a beautifully simulated storm on a creaking galleon with fine spray hitting the decks, waves lapping at the sides and distant rumbling thunder. the second is a favorite called ‘thor’ which is an intensely realistic thunderstorm the likes of which never hit los angeles.

visit their site to get more information and read their theory behind holographic sound and psychoacoustics plus you can listen to the tracks here on itunes.