smoking lily…

welcomes you!

…is a rare find in vancouver and hopefully an indication of more to come. my first round here in the green capital left me at a loss for shops that stock local designers and artists. several smart looking boutiques only seemed to carry the very designers that i see regularly stateside making my search for a breath of fresh air difficult. what struck me first, was the overall effect of the shop. smoking lily takes vintage style engravers illustrations and works them into homeware, accessories and apparel while the essence of that theme is carried out beautifully throughout the space. nothing is left to chance from the time stopping window displays, the clever hanging artscapes or the rustic touches of reclaimed wood and vintage sample cases.

this vintage child’s bed may have had a hard knock life at miss hannigan’s orphanage but i think it’s delightfully re-purposed with the slightly sinister effect of gaily trimmed insect motif pillows and heart stopping sheets:

i've made my bed, now i'll lie in it!

i’m sure “little glory” may not have had this in mind, but what a nifty reuse of old, unwanted books. if you could find a way to lacquer the pages and insert a halogen bulb in the middle, they would make for great, glowing pendant lamps:

"books are awfully decorative, aren't they?"-gloria, auntie mame

not for everyone but definitely noteworthy is the anatomically correct heart printed duvet set. like something right out of an edgar allen poe tale, this bedding is darkly charming and alluring provided there’s nothing hidden beneath the floorboards!

the idea of these sheets, haunt me day and night...

love the industrial touches!

now, i don’t know if the jewelry is designed in house but they definitely own the display. the addition of the wildlife elements grounds the collection and ties the theme together and although it can’t be seen, the textured wall coverings help to create additional dimension to the space:

a nod to their environmental roots...

a great way to display cushions...

oh smoking lily, you had me at:

that mary's all heart...

so on that note, please stop in and say hello to the lovely erin, who’s enthusiasm denotes in part what there is to love in vancouverites, and treat your eyes to this unique shop!

Smoking Lily
3634 Main St.
(604) 873-5459

all photos minus the two depicting duvet details are ©janene dunbar