bei’ru’s little armenia: a testimonial…

…to the power of twitter. i’ve gotten a new follower via twitter and as always, i try to get to know a little about my fellow twitts and in return, perhaps follow back.

user name bei’ru: hmm, occupation dj/producer… well curiosity has done little to diminish the nine lives of this kitty so off i go to explore his website, home of the november 2010 release of ‘little armenia.’ one tweet and i get back tenfold in the shape of this dope album that encompasses everything i love about global music!

named after the armenian community of hollywood, this instrumental album takes rare armenian tracks and reshapes them into hip swayin’ grooves which are the perfect soundscape to a day in the life. there are some standout cuts, zepyur and hishe ayn ore for example, and all will be in heavy rotation on my playlist this spring/summer. being that he’s one of the left coast’s own, this cat makes me glad to be a native angeleno!

update: little armenia plus champagne and a historical biography make for a chill sunday.