farming in rio…

…is not quite what this post is about! rather it’s about another retail experience at farm in ipanema. farm is an atelier in the zona sul specializing in modern clothing in vibrant prints and edgy styles for contemporary women. part of a retail collection, each boasts it’s own take on the overall farm concept that is tailored to suit each retail space. the vibe is definitely south american and deeply reflective of brazilian culture. if i could compare it to anything, it’s reminiscent of anthropologie in that it clearly defines a specific consumer segment and owns it. the experience is thorough from retail, to packaging and it’s online presence. (i’m actually surprised that anthropologie doesn’t have an app……)

my first impression when seeing the façade was of sweet nostalgia reminding me of trellises that were used in delineating living spaces in homes built in the 60’s. my parents had a trellis with graphic clover cutouts that separated living from dining room and i was heartbroken to see it removed (but thrilled to know that they still exist under wraps in the garage!). what seals the deal on farm, however is the beauty of the interior space. (pics, with the exception of the above façade, are courtesy of farm’s website.)

the beautiful finish of the wood paneling, wide open glass windows and ceilings and the tropical touches of grass baskets, cane furniture and larger than life foliage fully immerse you in this retail experience. shielding you from the bustle of the street, you walk downstairs into the store so that all that is visible of the outdoors is the outside plants and sky above, a neat visual trick that transports you into farm.

a sneak peek at some of the pieces from their upcoming spring collection:

i just love the fresh youthfulness and energy of this collection! please check the link back to farm’s website and blog for more brazilian fashion and a lovely slice of music. for those who want to take it to go, there is the farm app available here