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this is just a smattering of what’s being offered up at omelle luxury footwear. as if i didn’t have enough to lust over as it is! thanks, daily candy!

hammer pants!….

…yes, that’s right! i’m going to tackle the subject of harem pants today. why? normally i could care less to comment on fashion as i feel that personal taste is pretty subjective, but… Continue reading

nagi noda…

…andrew just sent me this link to one of her short films. nutty little short yes, but more interesting is her work found here at nagi noda. her editorial work is very interesting… Continue reading

obama 08

just another l.a. artwalk? i think not!

last week had to be the best art walk, ever! there were so many people out and about and some really fantastic work on display. truly there was something for everyone ranging from… Continue reading

the joys of white denim!…

i have been blown away by this band out of austin, texas! they are called “white denim” and it has to been the freshest sound i’ve heard in SUCH a long time. they… Continue reading

the three day thriller (or, another 20 years).

it’s not often that i have an action packed weekend. some peeps i know have their dance cards filled continuously. we all know them. people who’s phones are ringing every 15 minutes during… Continue reading

looking to be inspired?

i was doing a little search and randomly came across this website full of crazy cool art by mojca dolinar. what got me right off the bat, was the diverse range of styles… Continue reading