hammer pants!….

93l0994_60_a2…yes, that’s right! i’m going to tackle the subject of harem pants today. why? normally i could care less to comment on fashion as i feel that personal taste is pretty subjective, but harem pants have been taking such a beating on blogs across the web that i felt like i had to take a stand for them. i saw them two years ago in barcelona and could not get my mind off of them. yeah, they’re comfy, yada yada yada but, they can also be flattering. yes, i said it! flattering. this isn’t the eighties although you couldn’t tell by the looks on the spring runway and yet the cuts are fresher and more sophisticated this second time around. they are doing harem pants in a variety of cuts and fabrications that can be rocked by those with nerve. case in point: and no, don’t hate. she looks good! i even hated those crazy ass shoes she was wearing initially and then i saw the look head to toe and was grudgingly okay with those too…for her. me, i’m going to rock these with some little gold, mid heeled sandals and loop a couple of long simple gold chains. add a pair of sleek hoops and some large frame-less sunnies and i’m good to go. of course, the whole ethnic thing works on me… but! there are even more sedate versions that can give a twist to a prep look:elija2032112867_prod_zoom_front_v1_m56577569831374344 skinny clean tee and some well heeled pumps, pared down jewelry with a sleek updo and you’ve got clean, minimalist chic that’s fashion forward. of course i won’t deny that there are indeed some hideous interpretations of the harem that look like shit on a stick but don’t write them all off. just try a few pairs on and go with what works for your body type. i especially love the jumper by freepeople as i can slide it down into a longer pants version and in the california heat, i know i’ll be super comfy hitting up the occasional outdoor concert or beach side lounge (hello, bikini cover up). i read a post on a blog that bills themselves as “the fashion police” where a woman was reacting to the plethora of harem styles available for spring, wondering “where are all of the women stupid enough to buy these pants?” and i say, “stupid? no. casually chic? yes! and i look good” and so do so many other hotties with the nerve and know how! as much as she rants on about how hideous they are, even her own readers are beginning to warm up to the look and the variety of playful styles out in the market. all i can say, is don’t be swayed by other peoples opinions, get out there and try them for yourself because you may be surprised. if they’re not for you, then so be it but if they are, hold your head up and enjoy them! harem_jumpsuitimage4xl