just another l.a. artwalk? i think not!

last week had to be the best art walk, ever! there were so many people out and about and some really fantastic work on display. truly there was something for everyone ranging from black and white photography to 3D photography cleverly displayed on plant like groupings of flex aluminum pipe topped with view masters, thick impasto paintings and hard scrabble urban art. artwork spilled from the galleries onto the street with unknowns and their offerings in impromptu sidewalk setups and even that was pretty good (especially the prices!). it didn’t matter whether your piece was $100 or $30,000, everyone was out in full force and ready to wheel and deal. making the scene that much sweeter was the influx of live music that seems to be picking up. after the trekking up and down the streets, a nightcap of a tart mondavi sauvignon blanc and a lobster roll at origami bistro, rocked the evening out.

saturday was pretty good too as i checked out the life drawing class at la cita bar. such a tasty little gem of a place with a back patio and covered “dancefloor” that doubled nicely as the figure model stage. cover was only five bones and the drinks are cheap. although i’m a vegaquarian, free vittles for those who could partake was a nice touch. (for me, there was the kick ass taco house next door, so good!). the models are amateur to say the least but depending on where you were sitting, you could get some great poses. to mix things up and make matters fun, is the addition of the gorilla mask that the girls wore. here are a few of my best quickies:

totally low key with an easy and respectful vibe, i’m making this my part of my saturday routine, just to work out the kinks and flex my creativity outside of work. downtown living keeps getting better and better. it’s worked wonders for my relationship and my own peace of mind…