How Come Vietnam?

HoiAnJapaneseBridgeSMChùa cầu, Japanese covered bridge circa 1590 once divided the town with Japanese on one side, Chinese on the other.

Designated as a Unesco World Heritage Site, Hội An is a sweet little fishing town on the coast of the South China Sea or the Biển Đông (South Sea) by the Vietnamese. Once a major trading port, the Thu Bon River runs through Hội An separating the old town from the villages which still support themselves by fishing, farming, woodcarving and other crafts. Popular as a resort town not just for tourists but also for the Vietnamese, Hội An is quaint, very friendly and bustling as the sun goes down and the cool breeze kicks in.

HoiAnNoon2SMHoiAnDuskSMHoiAnDusk2SMHoiAnSignsHoiAnLanternsSMHội An is famous for it’s lanterns.

HoiAnBicycleSMHoiAnMekongBikesSMHome of the quirky Mekong bamboo bikes.

HoiAnMetisekoSMMetiseko is an upscale Vietnamese brand that specializes in textile design.

HoiAnMetiseko2SMHoiAnVendorSMThe street food was excellent but then again, I’m a veg-aquarian so I think my choices relatively safe.


HoiAnTemple2SMIMG_20150921_144656HoiAnDaoTienRiverSMThe Dao Tien River Restaurant is a must! Nighttime makes it extra special as all of the lanterns are lit.



HoiAnBoatSMHoiAnVillageSM IMG_20150921_145930




IMG_20150921_144423Yum, the famous Vietnamese pancake! Every region has their own variation and I will learn to make them. See me in action below!

HoiAnGraveSMAt first I thought this was some sort of temple in the middle of this field of crops but in fact, it’s a mausoleum. Throughout the countryside, there were so many crypts and burials right in the middle of farm plots, many of them ancient. What might be morbid to some is actually a comfort to the Vietnamese as they take very seriously the memory of their ancestors and build little spirit houses with which to honor their dead with offerings.

HoiAnCookingSMWorking that pancake I was telling you about! Savory and delicious with shrimp, bean sprouts, green onion and herbs. This version will be wrapped in a rice wrapper with mint and basil and dipped in fish sauce.

IMG_20150921_143842IMG_20150921_143533TreeLanternsThe beautiful lantern lit trees of Hội An.

dress One of THE best things about Hoi An is their amazing tailoring community which can crank out a dress or suit in less than 24 hours! Shown here is the dress I had made which has pockets, is fully lined and includes a layer of tulle. The price? Only $70 and it fits like a dream! They are keeping my measurements on file so I can send them my fabric and have other items made. Oh and the hanging pod chair? Also made in Vietnam!

Dress2Next week I’ll showcase some of the beautiful temples and village life and best yet, Ha Long Bay.