MOO For You


Not too long ago, a woman from one of my LinkedIn groups asked a question regarding business cards namely whether or not anyone still used them and if they were truly effective. My answer of course, is yes and their effectiveness lies in how you choose to design them.

Moo’s custom printing service allows me to get more from my business cards than ever. I used to struggle with trying to find that one image that would summarize my body of work and capture the interest of potential clients. Now I don’t have to settle on just one. Because it’s digital printing with no set up fees, I can order for instance, 200 business cards and the back of each and every one can feature a different image. This is great for creative professionals like myself as your cards can also double as your portfolio and frankly, there’s nothing cooler than whipping out my “deck” and allowing people to choose for themselves. The conversation ends up going much further than usual and it’s a great way to see which designs people prefer. Because they pick what they’re drawn to, I like to think it’s less likely to be thrown away.

I’ve featured my prints and product samples and with the 16pt premium paper stock standard to every order, you don’t have to take a hit to the wallet in order to have quality. Remember when color was a one sided affair? With Moo you get free double sided full color so there are no limitations except your imagination.  Oh, and the complimentary card case was a nice touch. Although I carry my cards in a slimmer case, I still carry Moo’s card case as a back up for refills.



Cards1SMAll photographs and designs © Janene Dunbar