Barbara Schuppe’s Wearable Icons


Every year my mother and I make a pilgrimage to one of the most underrated California events, The Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach. A carefully curated collection of artists and craftspeople nestled in the Laguna hills, it evokes warm summer days, acoustic music, homemade funnel cakes and the sweet smell of kettle corn.

Always I have my eye out for a sparkling piece of jewelry or a unique work of art to add to my collection and lucky me found both rolled into one! Barbara Schuppe is an artist who makes her home in Arizona and her iconic talismans can only be described as wearable art. Using a process of jewel making called Pate de Verre (cast glass), she and her husband, artist Ken Mattson, teamed up to create this absolutely stunning Renaissance inspired piece. Hearing them discuss their collaborative effort and seeing the way their faces light up, it’s obvious how much love went into it’s creation which makes this work even more special and meaningful.

Absolutely swoon worthy, the minute I saw it, I knew we belonged together and I’m so happy to pay homage to it with every wearing. A confession: when not in use, it seems a crime to put it away so I bought a wall mounted shadow box to keep it in!



DSC05893BSMDress: Antik Batik, Handbag: See by Chloe

The Laguna Beach Sawdust Festival runs through August 3rd and is a wonderful way to celebrate summer!