margaret bowland…


white fives, 2012

…at the driscoll/babcock gallery in chelsea.  ms. bowland was one of the amazing artists i came across when i was in new york.  there was only one piece left from her show, “disturbing the peace”, which filling the height of the wall behind a gallery desk, was enormous!  what was so striking was the almost living detail of the paintings and pastels and the way her subject matter gazed directly at the viewer.  this little girl wasn’t her only subject but the one that seemed to have spent the most time posing for her.



cotton, oil and diamonds, 2012


painting the roses red, 2012

i included these first three as they were some of the many that were painted in one year!  as i said, they take up the size of a gallery wall and the amount of detail in them is astonishing considering the pace at which she must have painted.


brown, black and beige: blue, pink and white, 2013


the show catalog can be purchased through driscoll/babcock

hailing originally from north carolina, margaret bowland makes brooklyn, new york her home and is an adjunct faculty member on the new york academy of arts.