fashion economics…

…the guilty pleasure!

have you ever gone to bed content with tomorrow’s fashion choice only to wake up with a different personality for whom said “perfection” is now deemed unacceptable?  because of the state of my closet, this usually led to panic and a less than convincing second option.  i’m a woman who takes to organizational tools.

thankfully, stylebook is the ultimate fashion solution for visual people. i’m not j-lo or a kardashian of any kind and at times can be hard pressed to rid myself of anything because you-never-know-when-you’ll-need-it, yadda, yadda, yadda.  well…with my sweetheart giving me the stink-eye and the daily admonishments of “don’t you already have something like that?”, i decided to get on with the purge one saturday while said sweetheart was at work.

i had tried the stylebook app a year or so ago but lets face it, the idea of photographing my sloppy wardrobe with my crappy little digital camera was a less than fun idea so i deleted it.  fast forward to a much better camera coupled with the bright idea of using the retailers’ own images and suddenly i am a styling genius!  despite a sizable purge and limited space,  my wardrobe is a bit tight preventing me from laying eyes on a certain item easily let alone envisioning a complete outfit.  for me, this was the joint.

aside from itemizing and organizing my wardrobe, this app also keeps track of how many times said items have been worn, the price and what the value is based on the number of times utilized. yeah, honey will love that because it highlights wastage…

most of these fields are fully customizable allowing you to determine the best means for cataloging your war chest.

another great feature is the packing option.  i’m known for my pre-packing prowess with planning stages that border on anal retentive, yet slips and oversights can happen.  now instead of having a suitcase sitting out for several weeks (long trips), i can simply build a photo list with all of the items including looks which i can then use.

for the little girl at heart, the biggest draw is the ability to stylize and mobilize your looks.  now i can bore my boyfriend to tears over lunch as i flash him my faves and tell him all of the places he can take me to show them off.  at any rate, i do love pretty, so let me bore you with a few favorite looks!

something old, something less old!

thinking tights on this one…

my fave…

not for the faint of heart so beware all list makers, its addictive properties!

please note, all screens except for the looks
are for illustrative purposes only.