apocalypse wow!…

…harnesses by herve leger.

harness style waist belt

i’ve gotta give credit where credit is due!  the new fall 2012 accessories from herve leger are all that and then some!  i bought my first holster harness a few years ago and since then, i’ve been ever on the lookout for more.  these perhaps, aren’t as functional but in the looks department, they take the most feminine of dresses and edge them up to kick ass status.  i think anyone would think twice before trying to confront a woman strapped into one of these babies and that ‘don’t fuck with me’ look doesn’t come cheap either.  these little numbers will set you back $1350 to $2200 (a fur trimmed version not shown here).  stay with me though because there are cheaper options!

my fave below is the in-your-face cross bust leather harness vest:

seriously, i’m surprised they don’t have names!

too rich for your wallet?  never fear, you can get the look from these indy designers.  i mentioned earlier my own holster harness which combines that same tough look but ups the functionality with pockets for carrying cellphone, lip gloss, money and so forth and at only $195, it won’t break the bank:

los angeles’ own skingraft.

for you honeys who like the western brothel look, there is always the leather garter holster for $210.  now don’t assume you have to run around in busted fishnets to pull this off, you can always pair this over leggings or skinny jeans:


skingraft has been hooking up performance artists with their brand of edgy, doomsday wear since 2005 and i can say first hand as a collector, that everything is extremely well crafted and built to last.  there are other up and comers to the game and my last example is from etsy no less:

blaster 3.0 by jungle tribe

canada based jungle tribe knocks it out of the park with girl’s best friend, blaster 3.0 at $269.  cool thing about her is that she can be worn a variety of ways giving you even more bang for your buck!  i love ’em for traveling too because it frees up your hands and frustrates pickpockets.  click on any of the pictures to find out more about the items and yes, if you’ve got it like that, there are links to the herve leger site too!

note: yes, i just roped in the blaster 3.0 but never fear, there are more! just click on the linked images.