found on etsy…

…nina yeghiazaryan

nina yeghiazaryan of odd princess dolls, is a fantastic artist whose work i found while browsing etsy!  hailing from yerevan, armenia, her delicately jointed dolls harken back to the victorian era and are infused with delicate details of beading, vintage lace, intricate costumes and paint.  each doll is fabricated by hand in clay or papier mache using an armature, sanded for a smooth finish and lightly coated in a matte varnish.  the results are breathtaking, one of a kind pieces of art.

my favorite, the lushly blossom colored mia, has already gone home to some lucky customer but rest assured, there are more on the horizon here. if you find the price too dear, don’t worry, as ms. yeghiazaryan also has prints available!

all images are copyright of nina yeghiazaryan, odd princess dolls.