hello baby!…

i’ve been time warping over the past few months doing research on the roaring 20’s for print inspiration.  the biography of zelda fitzgerald of course has gotten me in the mood as has this charming little history on the jazz babies, called flapper.  with downton abbey, the artist, baz luhrmann’s anticipated remake of the great gatsby, boardwalk empire and ken burns’ prohibition series lighting up our screens, it’s not hard to imagine why.

i’ve been adding little bits and pieces to my pinterest page and couldn’t resist posting some of my faves.  rest assured that for the lovely one with the right circumstances, some of these goodies are available for sale!  or, if inspiration is what you need, click on the images to get an eyeful of the intricate, beautiful details!

vintage tartar boots circa 1910 – 1920

you have to see the back of this dress!

sickening bob mackie!

never would have thought my head would be turned by a bob mackie dress but i could definitely get into this one!  the cut, the detail, mmm mm!  i could easily see myself sashaying into the cicada club in this dress.  (note: just mentioned it to the squeeze and he’s actually interested in rolling back the clock and going dancing there soon! yippee!)

late 1900 cameo celluloid and bead bag