a lifetime of pucci…

..my true love gave to me!

christmas came very early this year as my partner lit my love of print with the gift of the limited edition,  PUCCI: by taschen!  the cover is made from fabric, comes in several sumptuous prints and shades and is blessed with an acetate dust jacket to keep it clean.

i can imagine what it must have been like to go through their archives, the sketches and photos.  that kind of an experience is inspiring and i’ve certainly been turned on by this compilation.  it’s a beautiful timeline of the marquis of barsento, emilio pucci and his definitive legacy of feminine leisurewear  told in brilliant hues.

Some of my favorites:

this boldly beautiful dress is absolutely heart stopping!!

this book is the bomb diggity for any designer, textile artist or lover of fashion! they’re limited so don’t sleep on it too long!

images from the book PUCCI available here at taschen.