plinc, plunc, what?…

…oh house industries, once again you’ve turned heads with more tasty options for the typographically inclined!  i got a surprise in the mail yesterday in the form of house industries’ brand, spanking new catalog.  i’m actually quite nerdy about receiving these things and when branding is this good, i like to preserve all aspects of the packaging for future inspiration.  as usual, they didn’t let me down and i was pleased to hold in my feverish hands a beautiful little catalog bound in root brown kissed with silver ink.  yum!

but what’s this announcement for ‘plinc’?  further reading reveals that it’s a new/old service that has been purchased and revitalized by the brains of house industries.  short for photo lettering incorporated, plinc is a subscription service that allows you to typeset a word or phrase in a customized setting which you can then purchase and download in fully editable formats.  what this means, is that if you’re creating a logo or heading for a singular use, then you can forgo paying $100+ for the font.  instead, you focus in on your usage of the font at a much, much cheaper price of $7 per headline and as low at $2 if you subscribe!  that’s a tremendous savings if you’re using a font in a limited manner i.e. graphics, packaging, web design, titles, etc.

fontophiles, however, will want to own the font to play with over and over again especially when you’re hit by inspired layouts like these: