counting down…

…the days until i launch my mini-home collection! i’m so excited as i’ve been working on this since april. the response has been positive so far and that’s a relief as it’s been a hell of an undertaking with silk screening, sourcing fabrics, colors and trim. i’ve even created another blog dedicated solely to the product line and the story behind it thus exercising my creativity on a whole new level. it’s not perfect but that’s the beauty of hand crafted work, it’s not meant to be and that’s what makes it unique.

i can remember the days when my mother would sit at her sewing machine stitching her beautiful dresses, gorgeous fully lined coats and separates and i never thought the day would come that we’d be sewing across from each other bringing this line to life. so i’d like to take this time and post to thank her for all that she’s done to help me through the process! it was hard work but i’d like to think that champagne breaks and central air cushioned the monotony of sewing! i’d like to thank my partner, andrew, too who’s ego boosting pep talks and endless patience have brought me back from the brink several times over. there is no way i could have pulled this off without their help!

and so the last few days will be filled with tidying up all of the lose ends, snipping the stray threads and writing the final copy before i unleash my child on an unsuspecting world.