today’s inspiration begins with…

…the letter “A.” azzedine alaÏa brought to you by virgine magazine!

virgine magazine is a new online and hard copy glossy that focuses on innovators of art, fashion and music.  their outlook is unique as the articles themselves are meant to be written by industry professionals for industry professionals.  having the photographer write about his subject or the fashion model who wants to break into editing writing about a designer.  there is also the additional charity component of devoting the first few pages to charitable advertising.  imagine that, a magazine that attempts to sell more than materialism!  i haven’t picked up a physical copy yet but i have to say that i like what i see.  clean design elements, easy to read and it has, most importantly, interviews with amazing individuals and tight photography!

the article on azzedine alaÏa is so inspiring and human!  i think of myself and my friends who are struggling to find ways to express ourselves and the impact that interviews like these have on the psyche.  what he speaks of, the breakneck pace fashion has taken on, the pressure put on creatives to hit every retail market, we know from experience will burn a designer out.  when a two time fashion oscar winner speaks, hopefully people will listen!  designers are abandoning the retail mill, opting out of the entire mass market process and reinventing themselves through e-commerce and smaller collections.  a much needed shot in the arm of creative progression… and oh! the bits about lagerfeld and wintour were very insightful!

beautifully done, virgine!

unfortunately the app isn’t up yet and their digital copy doesn’t offer any information on what the format options are for download.  the link in the sidebar takes you directly to paypal.  i need a little more than that!  still, i’ve bookmarked them for future reading and am more than willing to add their app to my ipad.  my wishlist would include a cross issue search tool that will enable true archiving for creatives!

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