for font’s sake…

…and a love of textiles, i have been working on a pet project for the past two months.  mind you now, this is just an itty, bitty project wrapped around an idea that’s been collecting dust in the corner of my mind for the past fifteen years or so. it’s just now that i feel i have enough know how, courage and yes, a dire need to branch out on something of my own!  the idea itself is one thing but so much research and development goes into the actual fabrication of the product which for me, has been an amazing learning experience! once i’ve got the breadth of the collection done, i’ll be sure to go over my experience with bringing my line into being and share my processes, successes and failures.

i’m now working on developing the next set of designs and fonts will figure in as an important element. one of my favorite sites is!  myfonts has a wonderful breadth of beautiful font packages for direct purchase and download.  the site contains a number of features and search tools that makes finding and compiling fonts an easy task. i have used other sites in the past many of which have the wrong foundry information, little or no licensing info and let’s face it, corrupted files.  myfonts posts all of the relevant info on each typeface as well as additional glyphs, ligatures, multiple languages, etc.  easy!

while studying at art center, i flunked out of my first typography class simply by not showing up. as a short-sighted illustrator, i couldn’t see the point. well art center was much more stringent regarding their foundation courses back in those days and i had to re-take the class this time with typography taskmaster nils lindstrom.  upon finding out that i had flunked the first time around, nils made a special project out of me and all typography was done by hand. grueling!  i still remember how he would smile at me over his spectacles as he handed my project back with a sheet of tissue paper corrections over it, ugh!  still, i have to thank him for making me go over everything twice and because of him, i have a deep appreciation of type and what font designers are able to do.

no, i didn’t go on to design fonts myself and i still have a lot to learn but that doesn’t stop me from exploring the finer points and playfulness of typefaces.  the curve and flow between thick and thin lines is so pleasing to the eye… that being said, here are a few that i found interesting below. be sure to check out myfonts for more.