maintaining a blog…

….can be a full time job in and of itself and we all know how difficult that can be when you’re actually holding down a nine to five that pays! sometimes i get weary and busy as i have in the past two weeks. travel, work, family, you get it. you would think after all of that i would be brimming over with things to say but even my life has it’s ho hum days. so, to remedy that, i peruse other blogs which i’ve found inspiring and informative just to kind of check in and see what’s going on. in turn, i get my chops back and the urge to share something with my readers that is, gasp, not always about me! that being said, i’m going to highlight three blogs that i’ve been following in the hopes that you’ll find them interesting too.

first up is for the art lovers: the fox is black

what it is: it’s an art and design website that’s chock full of creative goings on

why i like it: it’s inspiring and connects me to visually compelling projects, quite a few by independent artists who are not always highlighted media darlings. great imagery!

a huge favorite, my mom, the style icon

what it is: a photographic ode to mothers and their style

why i like it: what’s not to love?! everyone has an iconic image in their mind of their mom and that one favorite photo of her that cements her style! i love it because it’s a peek at vintage global style and the youthful carefree looks on the faces of these mothers’ are poignant and beautiful.

now, for curly nikki

yes, i know it’s a hair blog but i love my hair and this one is for my young cousin who’s exploring hers the natural way.

what it is: curly nikki actually holds a master in psychology and started her blog as an “online hair therapy session.”

why i like it: knowing how many african american women struggle with their hair and image issues, it’s a great online community for natural hair information and support.

so those are my three highlights and i hope you’ll bookmark them for future reference!