“erotica is using a feather…

…pornography is using a whole chicken.” – isabel allende

i love that quote and no, i didn’t use an entire chicken to make these no matter how thick they look! with the whole feather trend blowing up, you would think it would be easy finding feather earrings with some substance. try as i might, i was unable to lay hands on anything that didn’t look like fishing lure or a bad crafts project at best. being that i have thick, curly hair, nothing looked more silly on me than the long, straight as an arrow wing feathers. even some of the softer feathers were so anemic that my hair swallowed them up!

so, being the little enterprising do it yourselfer that i am, i reached for my tools and created the kind of earrings that i envisioned. full, thick, chanticleer chandeliers! that might have been the end of it, but i keep getting so many compliments on them that i’ve considered getting in the game and putting them up for sale. right now, i’m busy in my little sweatshop working away on creations for my little online venture.

what do you think? is there room on the market for these?