the nine lives of that 70’s funky flare…

…can add yet another season of revival. having lived first through the decade and then at least two revitalized periods of this trend, once again we see designers like michael kors, marc jacobs and rebecca taylor trotting the high waisted flare down the runway for another go round. i, for one, am sick of reliving the same decades over and over again. i can understand that basic cuts will resurface time and again but can we at least see changes in fabrication or print even? everyone talks about the “modern” take on flares but frankly i have yet to see it. the only chances i’ve seen taken were by georgie, kova & t and nightcap who did them in lace (thank you nightcap for actually adding a shorts liner to the above left thus sparing us the sight of yet another attention starved starlet going commando).

i’ve surfed the net to have a look at what women of various ages have had to say about them and some of the comments border on vitriolic. shorties seem to have the worse time of it with complaints of these jeans diminishing their already tiny stature and adding pounds to their physique. women with muffin tops are saying no way to the “mom jeans” look these babies give their waistline. women with less than generous derrieres seem to find their rears further reduced and those who are better endowed can’t get the high waistlines to fit around their posteriors. the only ones who don’t seem to be complaining are the models or model types for whom these seem to sit best on. yet still there are those within the upper echelons of fashion who don’t seem to be able to swing it either:

ready mischa? short and dumpy? check. camel toe? check. pouchy waistline for stashing unwanted dinner items? check! needless to say, if you are going to partake (and i know you will!), at least shop around for a pair that suits you best and be sure to have them tailored for a professional fit. please.