Welcome to the academia da cachaça…


…where I have to say, I was expecting more of an
education. not to say the drinks weren’t good, because they were,
but typical of brazilian culture, there was no up-sell! cachaça is
brazil’s sugar cane liquor that tastes closest to rum.  if you are
familiar with tastes and brands, the lack of attention may be a
plus, but i was really hoping the academia would offer flights, a
descriptive menu or something. we did sample their cachaça batidas,
the coca (uber fresh coconut), the cashew, passionfruit (muito
frutado) and brazilian cherry (i think there was chili in there
somewhere!) but i didn’t leave with bottles and bottles as

the food was perfection (picture the roasted heart of
palm) and the camarao was delicioso (when we FINALLY got it) but
the service was on brazilian time so relax and SIP that drink
slowly because it will be a while. other brazilians were struggling
to get the check so i didn’t feel like i was singled out. again,
i’ve done amazing tequila tastings in mexico which have proven
educational for me and profitable for them! it could just be a case
of different priorities but who wouldn’t enjoy the extra profit?

would i come back? probably not because my buzz was LONG gone when
the check finally arrived. bar monaco downstairs from our rental
flat is friendly and knows how to hook their customers up! the
pastels are to die for and the bacalhau makes me drool like
pavlov’s dog at the mere mention and our attentive waiter keeps the
caipirinhas coming!

i’ve included photos of some cachaça varieties
offered at the academia, but sadly, can tell you nothing about
them. 😦imageimage image image