pakistani truck art…

…having seen a bbc report on pakistani truck art, i immediately jumped on the web to find more eye candy! these images are a potent use of color and an absolutely dazzling array of exotic animals, women, florals and geometric motifs embellished with chiming bells, coins and twinkling mirrors. i am in love! it’s like a psychedelic gingerbread house on wheels! i would dream of a small room covered ceiling to floor with these beautiful paintings, layered with velvet tasseled cushions and scented with my favorite dhanraj maharaja incense. the room would open onto a small courtyard lush with vegetation and alive with the warble and chirping of budgies. (courtesy of my own flock chirping in the background!) to see them taking it to the streets was unexpected and inspiring!

© michael foley photography

© Aamir iqbal

© sadia mansoor