that i have been lazy about writing…

…is an understatement to say the least. i’ve been busy yes, but in truth, mostly numb. i’ve been very good about not turning this blog into a political soapbox. there are so many out there with opinions of varying degrees and aside from indulging in very few, i’ve kept my focus on the debates and various interviews of each of the candidates. even at times reading transcripts because i’ve been unable to believe my ears. reading the transcripts of the biden/palin debate was particularly painful in light of the steady support she received from middle america the next day. it was as if people heard exactly what they wanted to hear and nothing more. so scary… so we go to the polls on tuesday and already this weekend i’ve received a recorded message from an unknown number, telling me that my polling place may have changed. it doesn’t tell me where i should go or anything very helpful, only that i should dial away at the voter registration number in the hopes of getting to the truth. last minute undermining tactic? well, i’ve already let my job know that voting comes first on tuesday so come hell or high water, i’ll still tick those ballot boxes one way or another.

until then, i’m sitting on pins and needles with regards to the results unable to let my hopes get too high. no election has ever meant as much to me as this one does. there is no more room for error on the part of america especially when it comes to our role and relationships with the rest of the world. to those who say ‘fuck ’em’, you really should get out and travel. if only to see how small we are in the big scheme of things and how much we rely upon the cooperation of other strong nations to make large, positive changes in the world. to look at the mccain/palin audience and see only white faces shows you just how disconnected they are from the rest of america and how burdened down they are by fear. like it or not, the majority of america is reflected in the diverse faces of obama/biden supporters. that is the part of america that i connect with, that i understand. to know that people are united despite racial and cultural backgrounds is logical and enlightened and what secures our existence in the 21st century. i don’t want to go back twenty, thirty years to the dark ages of suspicion, divisiveness and fear mongering. i want to move forward and i can only hope that the majority of america agrees with me and takes it to the polls.

shame on us if we settle for the averageness that palin represents. i want leadership that is bigger, smarter and far more enlightened than myself. to see people rally and cheer for the average and mundane precisely because it’s average and mundane is disheartening. i’m sorry and it’s truly nothing personal but i don’t want joe six pack or susie soccer mom to try to lead us through the complexities of foreign policy. i’m not interested in having the manager of walmart or my mechanic make sociopolitical decisions that affect our fate. to celebrate the average is the saddest thing i can think of as it lacks imagination, drive and forward thinking. it gives us nothing to live up to making us delusional dullards indulging in our own ugly ignorance and arrogance. is this what we want in a leader? we are a nation of the diverse and we need leadership that speaks to the common denominator in us all. someone who inspires us to loftier goals, to be exceptional individuals striving to make a strong nation. you can’t legislate morality but you can inspire it by right action, compassion and kindess.